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The Power Forward Pod

So, we think we can host a podcast... It'll be great for our current clients and may get us some new ones, they said... We talk all day to people, how hard can this be?

Episode 1

Buckle up as we explore the philosophy that two minds are better than one, break down the barriers of echo chambers, and redefine the constant changes in the financial landscape. If you've ever wondered how collaboration and diverse perspectives can redefine your financial narrative, this is the episode for you.


Episode 2

In this episode, the team shares personal sports anecdotes, including Ruvins's journey from the ice rink to the finance world and Bobby's experience as a division one football player. The conversation takes an unexpected turn into the intriguing realm of college athlete compensation and the recent changes in the sports industry.


Episode 3


In this episode, we tackle the buzzing topic of 401(k) plans. Our team shares insights on the tax advantages and considerations that come with traditional and Roth 401(k) options. Learn how to optimize your 401(k) investments, make informed choices, and align your retirement strategy with your overall financial goals. Discover the historical context of 401(k)s and the factors that led to their widespread adoption. 

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Episode 4


We delve into the world of affordable luxury travel in this episode. Sharing our experiences, insights, and some fascinating hacks to make your dream vacations a reality.  The team discusses the importance of strategic planning, researching deals, and staying on top of credit card benefits to make the most of points and rewards. Tune in for an entertaining discussion that might just inspire your next travel adventure!

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