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Wealth Builders

Financial Planning for Wealth Builders

Strategic Wealth Specialists

We believe in technology powered by advisors. What does that mean? Our client portal aggregates all of your accounts (from different banks, investment institutions, old retirement accounts and insurances) in one place.

Far from taking the human element out of wealth management, it allows us to provide even more value to you right at your fingertips!

Get Started by Getting Organized 

The Pillars of Building Wealth


Know Your Savings Rate

Understanding your cash flow, where you're spending and what percentage you're saving of your income is more important than your rate of return.

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It's About Time In, Not Timing the Market

No one knows what unforeseen event will send the market up or down on a given day. Setting up automatic and consistent contributions will set you up for success.

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Avoid the Trap of Emotional Investing

The emotional investor not only feels the ebbs and flows of the market, but reacts accordingly. The successful investor who has a plan is allocated appropriately to withstand turbulence.

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The Wealth Builders Planning Process

Here's What You Can Expect

Aspire | New York City, NY | PowerForward Group


Identify your goals.

Acquire | New York City, NY | PowerForward Group


Get the tools in your toolbox to work towards your goals.

Attain | New York City, NY | PowerForward Group


Track your progress and achieve the goal you set.


I don’t have $1,000,000 to invest, can you still help me?

We are a no minimum firm. That means at PFG we believe that you need a coach to help you achieve those high account balances. As you grow, so do we.

I have a question about my 401(k), is that something I can ask you?

Yes! While we can’t have direct management over a retirement plan at your current employer, this is a big piece of your financial picture. It’s important that we understand the options available to you and can help guide you in choosing what is in line with your other accounts.

My job doesn’t offer retirement benefits, can you help?

An Individual Retirement Account, or an IRA, is a great way to save outside of your employer for retirement. Our team can help determine if a Roth or Traditional option is right for you and can advise on the management of the account.

Do I qualify for a financial advisor?

Of course you do, the question is are financial advisors qualified for you? The industry is flooded with advisors only wanting retirees with millions of dollars to manage and will send anyone lower than that to robo-advisors, AKA you’ll never talk to a human. At PFG, regardless of your net worth, you’ll have access to 2 advisors at all times.

How much do I need to start investing?

Success is built on consistency, not dollar amounts. Setting aside as little as $150/month is all you need to start. The time value of money will compound your growth so it’s important to start as soon as you can.

I like having access to everything on my phone, is that something you offer?

We do too! So yes, our client portal aggregates all of your accounts (ones that we manage and the ones we don’t) all in our mobile app.

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