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Front Row Financial

For Sports, Music, & Entertainment Professionals

An Up Close & Personal Approach to Lifetime Wealth

You know the names. All too often once a professional athlete has taken off their jersey for the last time, they find themselves with no direction on how to maintain their lifestyle without that source of income. In fact, 60% of former NBA players face serious financial hardship and over 15% of NFL players actually go bankrupt within 12 years of retiring!

So what can we do?

The team at Front Row Financial takes a page out of the books of the largest institutions in the world- banks- and supports athletes on their journey to creating lifetime wealth for themselves and those most important to them.

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Define | New York City, NY | PowerForward Group


Leverage your career earnings to generate stable income for life!

Dedicate | New York City, NY | PowerForward Group


Take back ownership of everything you've worked so hard for.

Distribute | New York City, NY | PowerForward Group


Capitalize on any opportunities that come your way and create the future you want and deserve.

Become Your Own Bank

Incorporate Yourself & Reap the Benefits

  • Guaranteed Tax Preferred Growth 
  • Lifetime Income 
  • Leverage with Superior Lending Valuations 
  • Credit Sheltered Asset 
  • Supplemental Death Benefit to Build Generational Wealth
  • Flexible Lending Schedule

As You Grow, We Grow

Our Full Private Suite of Services

  • Wealth Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Market Investments
  • Risk Management
  • Insurance Services
  • Estate Planning

How Do We Get Paid?

  • For Insurance Products, we get compensated  directly by the carrier we choose to do the business with.
  • For any Market Investments Managed, we charge a fee of ~1% of the total asset.