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Financial Planning for The Community

Being part of The Community means always having someone to turn to when you need advice. Give your finances the same support with our team-based approach.

With a growing career, business, and family your hands are full. You deserve a collaborative team of advisors to support your journey.

You have a high income, but also high expenses. You need a team who can help you plan for both your short-term needs and your long-term goals.

You want a team of professionals armed with tax-preferred strategies who have an understanding of your Community.

Step 1:

Let us know you’re interested.

Thank you for submitting. Mikaela from our team will be reaching out to schedule a time for your initial conversation.

eCommerce Business Owners

Step 2:

Schedule a 15 minute intro call.

Step 3:

Complete our 5 minute financial questionnaire.

Still Have Questions?

Can you meet virtually?

Absolutely! While our main office is in Midtown Manhattan, we work with clients across the country. Thanks to the power of zoom we can be in California, Texas, Chicago, and D.C. all in one day. It's much more efficient for our advisors to be able to serve you and for our clients to not have to waste valuable time traveling.

Does the introductory call cost me anything?

No, the first meeting with our team is complimentary, so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. If we determine we're the right fit, the ways in which we get paid will all be very transparent and clear.

What makes PFG different?

For one we have no account minimums and can utilize different strategies for different levels of income and assets. Additionally, regardless of your net worth, we believe in a 2:1 advisor to client relationship so you'll always have the perspective of two financial experts.

Why should I consider working with Power Forward Group?

Let's first explain what we're not. We're not going to try to 'beat the market' and we'll never push the products of one company. What we do really well is use the principles of behavioral economics to develop consistent, positive habits. We focus on what we can control, not what we can't.

Have we convinced you yet? Listen to our Podcast to learn more.

The PFG Method

If you've ever wondered how collaboration and diverse perspectives can redefine your financial narrative, this is the episode for you. 

From Client to Advisor

From nursery school classmates, to a client, to working at PFG- David Chabbott has seen what we do from all sides. Listen to the episode to learn first-hand the impact we can have on families and businesses.