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Episode 1 | Power Forward Pod

Breaking Through Sound Boxes

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Step into the dynamic world of financial empowerment with the inaugural episode of " The Power Forward Pod." Join our expert Financial Advisor team as we kick off this transformative podcast series dedicated to guiding you on the journey to financial success.

In this groundbreaking episode, we set the stage for an empowering dialogue that challenges conventional financial norms. Buckle up as we explore the philosophy that two minds are better than one, break down the barriers of echo chambers, and redefine the constant changes in the financial landscape. If you've ever wondered how collaboration and diverse perspectives can redefine your financial narrative, this is the episode for you.

Key Points:

  • Unveiling the core philosophy of "Power Forward" and the transformative power of collaboration in financial success.
  • A deep dive into the concept of echo chambers and their impact on shaping financial paradigms. 
  • Personal stories from our team members, exploring diverse backgrounds and unconventional paths to financial advisory.
  • Challenging societal norms and expectations to forge a unique and empowered financial path.
  • The mission of the podcast to empower listeners with actionable insights for a financially liberated future.

The Guests

This episode features the four financial professionals who work directly on our LawFin team- Ruvin Levavi, Chris DeVito, Joe Shalom, & Bobby Kaslander.

Ruvin founded Power Forward Group as a recovering attorney, having spent a few years practicing on the estate planning side of things. He wanted to break free of only working with high net worth individuals on the back ends of their careers drafting documents and take a more proactive approach with clients. Chris comes from the stock broker world, where he decided from a young age to take control of his own financial future.

Joe and Bobby interestingly both come from families with strongly held businesses. For Joe, the path was always clear that that was going to be what was expected of him. For Bobby, he was actually encouraged to pursue a career outside of the family business.

We all come from different backgrounds, having lived in our own versions of echo chambers, and bring unique perspectives to all of our client interactions.

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