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Episode 2 | Power Forward Pod

Navigating the Changing Game

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Welcome to another riveting episode of the Power Forward Pod, where we believe in the strength of dialogues and the power of two. Join the Power Forward Financial Advisor team – Ruvin Levavi, Bobby Kaslander, Chris DeVito, and Joe Shalom – as they delve into the dynamic intersection of sports, finance, and the ever-evolving landscape of college athletics.

In this episode, the team shares personal sports anecdotes, including Ruvin's journey from the ice rink to the finance world and Bobby's experience as a division one football player. The conversation takes an unexpected turn into the intriguing realm of college athlete compensation and the recent changes in the sports industry.

Key Points:

  • Personal sports experiences of the Power Forward team members.
  • The inspiration behind the Power Forward Group name and its connection to team dynamics.
  • Exploring the recent changes in college sports, including NIL and the impact on athletes.
  • Insights into the scandals and controversies surrounding college sports funding and recruitment.
  • The astonishing case of Jimbo Fisher's contract and the financial dynamics in college football.
  • The role of emotional intelligence in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and technology.

Tune in for a thought-provoking episode that goes beyond the numbers, where the Power Forward team navigates the changing game with wit, humor, and valuable insights. Remember, the only constant is change, and power forward, we shall! Visit Power Forward Group to learn more about our day jobs and what we really do.

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