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Episode 7 | Power Forward Pod

Navigating Career Transitions in Big Law

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Welcome to the Power Forward Pod hosted by the Power Forward Financial Advisory Team, where we believe two is better than one, thoughts were meant to be challenged, soundboxes are the enemy, and change is the only constant. In this special episode, we delve into the career journey of Big Law attorneys and learn about need Lateral Hub fills for many of them.

Join us as we sit down with Albert Tawil, a former Big Law attorney turned entrepreneur, as he shares his journey from practicing law at prestigious firms to founding Lateral Hub, a popular job board for attorneys seeking opportunities at top-tier firms.

Episode Highlights:

  • Understanding the career trajectory of Big Law attorneys: From law school to working at prestigious firms, to potential transitions elsewhere,  in-house or to client-side roles.
  • Insights into the daily life and challenges faced by attorneys in Big Law firms.
  • The motivation behind transitioning from legal practice to entrepreneurship: Exploring Albert's decision to start Lateral Hub and making the lateral hiring process more efficient.
  • Practical advice for attorneys considering career transitions, including navigating work-life balance, financial considerations, and finding fulfillment beyond monetary incentives.
  • Addressing common questions and misconceptions about lateral moves in the legal industry.
  • The impact of technological innovation and transparency in legal recruiting: How platforms like Lateral Hub are reshaping the legal job market.

Whether you're a practicing attorney, a law student, or someone curious about the inner workings of the legal industry, this episode offers valuable insights and advice for navigating career transitions and finding success on your own terms. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion on career transitions in Big Law – tune in now!

About Our Guest

Albert Tawil is the Founder & CEO of Lateral Hub, the popular job board for laterals to find jobs at top firms, and Summer Associate Hub, a free resource and content hub for law students to navigate the BigLaw recruiting process. Albert is a former IP/Technology Transactions associate at Cleary Gottlieb and Fenwick & West in New York.

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