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Download Our Guide- From Student Loans to Financial Freedom

I'm a Big Law Attorney, Now What?

Download our Guide to learn how to:

  • Handle Student Loans Efficiently
  • Choose your 401(k) Allocations
  • Build Wealth by Starting Early
  • Control Taxes
  • Enlist the Guidance of the Right Financial Professionals

Remember that legal writing class you took in law school that told you to reverse the way you thought about writing? Start with the conclusion, then tell us the facts that support that. The same thing goes with your finances. Start with what you want to achieve, and then we'll build the way to get there.

The best thing? Our conversations are confidential and complimentary. We don’t charge planning fees and don’t have account minimums. Why? We believe strongly that the quickest way to create financial freedom is to start early. Our clients are our IPOs- as you grow, we grow. When the investment account that we manage for you gets larger, we make more money too! Our missions are aligned.

We know the career path and milestones of a legal career- deciding to go in-house, make a lateral move, prepare to make partner- we’ve seen it all.

Power Forward Group is a financial advisory firm founded by an attorney, for attorneys. Ruvin Levavi leverages his own experience as a once debt-ridden law school graduate to help attorneys across the country achieve their version of financial success. From student loan management to advanced tax planning strategies, our resources are tailored to your needs.

Learn More About our LawFin Team Here.