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Attorney Turned Financial Advisor 

Ruvin Levavi, Esq.

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As an attorney turned financial advisor, dedicated parent to wonderful children, and the founder of Power Forward Group, Ruvin Levavi, Esq. maintains a lot of different roles. Ruvin understands what his clients value most due to more than a decade of experience as a financial advisor with a law degree for attorneys. While he did start as an estate planning attorney, he quickly realized there was a huge gap in financial services for legal professionals.

Ruvin remembers when he originally started planning for his future, no financial advisors would take him on due to the fiscal weight of his law school debt. Ruvin knew that he had saving potential while paying down debt, but most importantly, he realized that he could help other lawyers who were starting similar to him.

I realized a large gap existed from a financial perspective on educating people how to maximize the wealth they accumulate throughout their lifetime. The creative solutions and adaptive planning strategies we implement aid our clients in achieving their version of success. 

- Ruvin Levavi, Esq.

Ruvin founded Power Forward Group to provide creative solutions for other attorneys’ financial dreams with a focus on estate conversion. With more than a decade of experience in the financial planning sector, Ruvin’s comprehensive approach to tackling school debt while preparing for the future has helped shape the financial futures of lawyers all over the nation.

Career Shift

I always worked on the back end when I was an attorney, and I wanted to be more involved and useful to my clients before they reached the legacy planning stage. As a financial advisor with a law degree, I’m able to help them tackle the day-to-day of home and school debt, and watch as they accumulate wealth and plan for the future. I  think the best part is that I’m more invested in my client relationships, and I’m able to make more of a difference in the lives of my clients.

- Ruvin Levavi, Esq.

Ruvin understands that client relationships are the most crucial part of any advisor relationship, and as a lawyer turned financial advisor, he is able to dedicate most of his time to nurturing, understanding, and building those relationships. He loves being involved from the building stage through to the legacy stage instead of advising clients when they are already in those late stages. When he can help his clients eradicate their law school debt and start saving for their futures, he is ecstatic and shares the joy of those wins with his clients. 

Investing without a plan is akin to picking stocks out of a hat.

- Ruvin Levavi, Esq.

Ruvin values people, not their net worth. Many lawyers and attorneys graduate from prestigious law schools with an impressive negative net worth, but that doesn’t amount to what they are capable of in the coming decades. Ruvin’s collaborative planning process helps him create financial portfolios and fiscal plans with his clients instead of just for them. Clients are involved with every step along the way to ensure everyone is on the same page.  

Ruvin also understands as an attorney and financial advisor what his clients value most. Communication is pivotal to any advisor relationship and that means sharing the wins as well as the losses. Ruvin never leaves his clients in the dark, and he is dedicated to never letting them down either. Financial planning is a dynamic ecosystem with planning, investing, and taking risks, but Ruvin takes responsibility for every recommendation he makes. 

When He’s Not Advising 

Ruvin serves as an active committee member on his children’s school board in Brooklyn, constantly contributing and helping in any way he can. When he isn’t crafting the financial futures of new or experienced lawyers, he can be found playing hockey as a coach for a high school team or skiing with his wife and children.

As an attorney turned financial advisor, Ruvin knows what it’s like on both sides. He had the crushing law school student debt, the family, the house, and everything in between. He personally knows the life cycle of an attorney and how to leverage what you make now to tackle debt and save for your future. 

Ruvin was able to become the financial advisor that wasn’t available to him when he started out, and now he offers those services to lawyers and attorneys across the country. Call Power Forward Group today to learn more about planning for your financial future.